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Cloud Company Services is a leader in the entity formulation industry, we strive to provide the products and services to bring your ideas into fruition. There are many options for starting a company and building your business. For most small to medium sized business owners, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the more desirable way to operate your business while providing the best protection available. Let Cloud Company Services form your LLC and start to build success for your business.

Form your Limited Liability Company Today

Starting a business is a very critical time for any owner, and its best to do things right the first time. Cloud Company Services has extremely knowledgeable and experienced team members that are ready to help take your business off the ground and get the ball rolling.

There are many ways to incorporate and start your business. Of all the corporation and company types available, an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the best option for any small to medium sized business. Having an LLC provides many advantages and benefits for the owner.

Benefits of the LLC entity:

  • Owners need not be United States citizens
  • Owners have limited liability from business debts
  • LLC is not a separate taxable entity, which eliminates the threat of double taxation
  • Can include more than 35 shareholders
  • Limited personal liability: pass through income/loss to your personal income
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